Caroline Alberta Real Estate and Information

The village of Caroline is a 'Gateway to Paradise'. As a Village, they have much to offer the residents, visitors, and the surrounding rural community.

The Village has all the amenities for visitors, be it accommodations, restaurants, gas and service stations, grocery and baking, camping supplies or sporting goods. Friendliness and volunteerism instill a strong sense of community. We can boast of being awarded the Provincial 4 Bloom Championship in the 'Communities In Bloom' competition, in the 1 - 1,000 population category.

The Village of Caroline is a small progressive community surrounded by Alberta's rolling foothills and is just east of the Rocky Mountains. The area is well known for its breath-taking landscape and untouched wilderness and is described as the perfect place to get away and enjoy peace and quiet.

Caroline is a "Community of Choices", offering residents and visitors a wide range of services from retailers, professional, and tourist services to agricultural, oil and gas, forestry, and trucking services.

Even though the village thinks it has something great going, the province does as well. Caroline currently holds the title of 2002 Provincial 4-Bloom Champion in the Communities in Bloom Competition. This title also illustrates the communities dedication to cohesion and volunteerism. In this small community, there are 5 community halls, with so many organizations we can't name them all.

Caroline is located in the Municipal District of Clearwater, and is 41 km southeast of Rocky Mountain House, 50 km east of Banff National Park, 61 km west of Innisfail, and less than an hour away from Red Deer. Caroline is located on Highway 54, which also serves as the villages main street. The scenic Cowboy Trail, Highway 22, also crosses through Caroline.

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